You’ve said “Yes!” to the proposal, and the two of you are all about having a destination wedding overseas. But now you’re starting to get into the planning process and you’re realizing that this is no cakewalk!

Well, even though the planning may be stressful, being engaged is super exciting and even more exciting is traveling abroad for your big day! The opportunity to explore a new land and culture is just so thrilling. And whoever joins you on this ultimate wedding experience truly loves the two of you and couldn’t imagine not seeing you come together and commit your love to one another!

Destination weddings do present their own unique challenges though, and one of those is finding the perfect photographer to capture your once-in-a-lifetime destination wedding. Now one of the first things I always suggest coupes do is to reach out to a wedding planner local to the destination they have their hearts set on and get the planning process started. But once you’ve done that I 100% recommend looking for a photographer that will travel to your destination. Now before you go locking in the first photographer you fall in love with, here are 7 Questions to ask your Photographer before booking.

01 | Get the photographer’s Social media and website information

Double-check their social media platforms and website to make sure they’ve actually visited and photographed the country that you plan on having your wedding. You want your photographer to be familiar with the weather, landmarks and the unique cultural nuances of that region.

02 | Request to see 2-3 full galleries of past destination weddings they have photographed

The galleries don’t necessarily have to be of the same location you are having your wedding, but you do want to make sure that you love this particular photographer’s style. Every photographer’s style in framing photographs as well as editing photos is unique, and if that doesn’t mesh well with your unique vision for your big day, then they might not be the right choice for you.

03 | Don’t forget to ask for them to give you a run-down of their typical wedding timeline

Every photographer shoots their weddings differently, and you want to make sure that the person you hire knows what they’re doing. If they say they always rely on the planner, be wary. Most planners rely on the photographers to set the days schedule, not the other way around.

04 | Be sure to ask if they have their equipment insured?

As we all know accidents do happen, and although you don’t want anything to happen to their equipment on your big day. Kids and pets happen, and you don’t want a photographer to not be insured when the flower girls patent leather mary-jane goes rouge and flies into a $20k lens.

05 | Ask if they have additional team members/photographers in their destination wedding photography packages?

One photographer can’t be in all places at all times. So having additional team members or a second shooter is like buying insurance. Things happen and the photographer may turn away to adjust a setting or some gear may act up during your “I dos” and that’s certainly something you don’t want to be missed! There is no way you can redo these intimate and special moments of your destination wedding, so you must be sure that the destination wedding photography package includes additional team members to make sure your precious moments are captured.

06 | Will the photographer have a scheduled consult with you to go over the timeline prior to flying out for the wedding?

A destination wedding is just like any other wedding that still requires a lot of preparation and communication beforehand to make sure everything can be as smooth as possible. So having a meeting just to discuss the day’s events can be quite eye-opening. You both may find you need to tweak the schedule to accommodate all the different people and events.

07 | Ask the destination wedding photographer about tips for clothing (gown, tux) choices.

This may sound weird and outside the photographer’s wheelhouse, but it’s actually very smart.  Destination photographers have seen all sorts of gowns, suits and everything else you can imagine for a wedding fly around the world. So they probably have some pretty keen tips on what types of gowns travel best, with minimal wrinkling, or that’s easy to carry and fit inside your checked baggage.