There are a million and one ways to describe a photographer’s style, but some leave people wondering, “what in the heck does that even mean?!” and when I tell people I am a hybrid wedding photographer it’s now different. A hybrid car, sure that’s simple, but hybrid photographer?! nope, never heard of it!

Just as with a hybrid car, when someone says they are a hybrid photographer it means they blending together film and digital photography together to bring out a light and airy photo style that is a perfect way to capture your elegant wedding.

Now you may or not be personally familiar with the film photography process, but this is the “old-school” physical rolls of film that get placed inside a camera and can’t be exposed to light (well except through the camera) until developed in a special lab. The developing process takes time, and the developer lab will scan in the images for delivery.

Digital photography is probably what you are most familiar with and these styles of cameras were introduced to the consumer and also professionals in the early 2000s. These images are instantly available and have become quite a hit since their release to the world.

Now as a hybrid wedding photographer myself, I am obviously partial to this style of photography. But that doesn’t mean that it’s the perfect choice for your personal photography style. So, if you are thinking about hiring a hybrid wedding photographer for your wedding or special event, here are some key things to consider.

Hybrid wedding photographers have a unique understanding of natural light

Elegant Calligraphy styled Stationery flatlay photographed by hybrid wedding photographer Catherine of Peony Park Photography based in Southern California

As a result of their unique understanding of how of natural light works, whether shot on film or digital the result is beautiful images with a bright and dreamy look. When the subject moves fast, the photographer would choose the digital camera to capture a crisp and well-focused shot. While outdoors and taking posed shots, they may tend to shoot mostly film to capture the intensity and unique beauty of the natural light.

Low light situations, like during and indoor reception is no problem for hybrid photographers. Photos can be taken on their digital equipment to ensure that perfect results time and time again without compromising the film appearance.

When there are film and digital images being captured on the same day and in the same lighting situation, it’s easier for digital shots to be edited to emulate the look of the film images taken.

With a film only photographer, you would have to wait a significant time for the film to be developed before seeing any of your photos, even sneak peeks of your special day. But with hybrid photography, any digital shot photos can be edited on the same day and they still will look and feel like the shots taken on film! Hybrid photographers know the color tones of the film so well that they don’t always need to rely on film images to achieve the look you want.