1. Where are you located and do you offer destination packages?

I’m located in Los Angeles, California. I love traveling so much that I am more than happy to grab my passport and hit the airport anytime!

2. We love the images in your portfolio! How can we book you to photograph our wedding?

My booking is based on a first-come-first-serve basis. This requires the couple to sign an electronic contract and pay a 50% non-refundable initial payment that is paid upon signing the contract. By doing so, your booking is secure. Please understand that often times, I have several inquiries asking for availability on the same date, but I will make every effort to work something out with you.

3. Do you book more than one wedding/other type of photography session in a day?

In order to give you the best experience of the most important day of your life, I do not book a second wedding or photo session on the same day.

4. Can we customize our package?

Yes. We can go through all your package options when we do a Skype call and you can choose which option is the best for you.

5. Should we get a second shooter? Do you offer this option for all packages?

I highly recommend that you hire a second shooter because it's like getting insurance. If for some unknown reason, one of us has any gear problem (just like cars, camera equipment do break down over time) or got hurt and couldn't go on shooting, the other person can still keep going and make sure your wedding moments are being captured on cameras.

6. Are engagement sessions a must?

Engagement sessions are actually included in all packages. I highly recommend my couples have an engagement session with me prior to the wedding. The reason being that we get to be creative with the shoot, get to know each other better, practice posing, and most importantly, just have a good time together!

7. What is the turn-around time and how many photos will we get?

The turnaround time is between 10-12 weeks on the contract although generally, I deliver images through an online gallery within 6-8 weeks. I believe in quality over quantity so I don’t like to promise couples that they will get 1000+ images. From past experience, you would receive:
6 hours --> minimum of 200 photos
8 hours --> minimum of 250 photos
10 hours --> minimum of 300 photos

8. How will you deliver the images?

You will receive high-resolution images through an online gallery. They will be available for one month, after that the album could be deleted at any time. Please download your beautiful images as soon as you can.

9. Do you offer albums?

Yes, I do! I consider albums to be precious family heirlooms that you and your loved ones can look through to bring back happy memories of your wedding day. The albums are custom designed and printed by a professional lab so that they can be kept for many years and generations to come.

Digital files can get lost, deleted, or become corrupted over time, so I actually appreciate the value and sentimentality that physical albums can help bring to my clients.